Xp not updating dns

2 days ago, I enabled BT parental controls as I wanted to try the filters out.

Did not really like it, because it didn't allow me to also use Open DNS at the same time.

So, I decided to permanently remove BT parental controls in favour of Open DNS.

Though, it is still not allowing me to use Open DNS. I have searched a lot on this issue and done almost everything.

Keep dynamic DNS hostnames and Open DNS updated at the same time.

We now have a new problem with our newly created Name Server concept.

If our Name Server is not working our host cannot access any resource on the network. So we had better have more than one Name Server in case of failure.

I am getting the following message: 'Your Open DNS filtering settings might not work due to DNS IP address and HTTP IP address mismatch' The broadband IP address on my BT router matches with my public IP address as shown on the Open DNS dashboard. Cleared computer, browser and server cache, reset my router and modem, restarted PC, reinstalled updater etc.

General Information for Updater Clients Open DNS accounts work with dynamic IP addresses through Dynamic DNS (DDNS), if you use a DDNS software client.

When you access a website, the computer will perform DNS caching, which means that the data in the form of domain name and IP address of the website that you access are locally stored in the computer for a period of time, so when you open a web page that has previously been opened it will feel faster because the computer has remembered the IP address and it does not need to contact the DNS server.

However, which often be a problem is that the DNS cache can sometimes be corrupted and it causes problems like some websites that can not be accessed when the internet connection has no problem. DNS flush will force the computer to clear the DNS cache or in other words it forces the computer to erase all memory of the domain name and the IP address associated with the domain name.

With 100 of millions of hosts and billions of web pages it is an impossible task - it's also pretty daunting even with just a handful of hosts and resources.

To solve this problem the concept of Name Servers was created in the mid 70's to enable certain attributes (properties) of a named resource to be maintained in a known location - the Name Server.

If there are missing entries, you likely have your DHCP missing one of two settings: This is required if you have DHCP installed on a Domain Controller.

It is an issue on Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2 and will likely be an issue in the newer builds.

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