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Arnelle is correct that it would have been impossible for her to have unlocked the back door with a key.Q.-- that you can open with a key from the outside?Marguerite Simpson, from what I have read, was big on family and faith and fidelity.Things that work well for Disney, but not professional athletics, in my view.Robert Kardashian was a close friend and served on Simpson's defense team during the murder trial.But, surprisingly, little is known about Marguerite Whitley, especially with regards to her life after Simpson. Yes, the same man who drove the infamous white Bronco during Simpson's low-speed chase with the Los Angeles Police Department before finally turning himself in.Now, describe to the jury what happened after you heard the knock on the door?Yes that is exactly what Arnelle had to do and did do, when she entered her father's house.

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(Simpson was acquitted of the murders.) But casual observers may not be aware that Nicole was actually his second wife. Also well-known are his ties to the Kardashian family.

Their first child, a daughter named Arnelle, was born the following year, according to CNN. Simpson met Nicole Brown in 1977, when Brown was working as a waitress.

Whitley was pregnant with the couple's third child, a daughter named Aaren, at that time.

I heard Aretha sing, "if you want a do right woman, you gotta be a do right man." Then Nancy Wilson piped in, "guess who I saw today my love," and Aretha came back at me, "I don't want nobody, always sittin around with me and my man..." In June of 1967, Marguerite Whitley married Orenthal James Simpson. But, as I recall, the late 1960's were a time of "stone soul picnics", the Supremes and sweet falsettos. never forgot the magic of that moment; 'She came out of the house and she had on this white dress, looking like the Virgin Mary or something.' I sat there thinking, 'Boy, that is a beautiful lady! What the accounts rarely note is the influence of Marguerite. The schedule allows almost no time for so much as a movie and a malt -- although the couple goes to church regularly, ("My wife, she's very religious, she put me back on track") -- so it is up to O. to provide the entertainment." "people say I'm the life of the party cause I tell a joke or two, although I might be laughing loud and hearty, deep inside I'm blue . What must it have been like to watch an "around-the-way girl" cope with the rising star-status of her man.

The more I think about her, the more I'm reminded of the warnings of the women poets. I don't need to recount his troubles with the law, the major media is full of the recitations. The threesome became a part of the evolution and the creation of the "Juice." Heretofore, Orenthal was a brother from the Potrero Hill section of San Francisco, nicknamed "Waterhead." Current media accounts talk about his membership in a street gang, his petty thievery, his antics and other brushes with the law, and how baseball great Willie Mays helped rescue him from the streets. and Marguerite were married and settled into a pleasant two-room apartment in Los Angeles near the U. Marguerite took a job as a librarian at the university, while O. launched into his studies and football, seven days a week. so take a good look at my face, you'll see my smile it's out of place, if you look closer, it's easy to trace, the tracks of my tears . ." I once had a teacher tell me, that Black people should feel no guilt about the complexities of Black life in America.

It is my feeling about the impact of the tragedy on a woman that is still living, the first Mrs. When I first started thinking about Marguerite Simpson, like most things I feel, music popped up in my mind to provide some context to my feelings. By all accounts I've read, Orenthal James was a brother from the block, hanging out, getting into trouble, having big fun and kickin' it with his homies. campus, with a hoard of records by the Supremes, and Hugh Masekela, and a parakeet named Harvey.

First let me say, this article (like the others in Meanderings) is not intended to negate the tragedy of the death of Nicole Brown Simpson or Ronald Goldman.

“I feel like I’m back in the ’50s — a black man in a white justice system,” he said of the Nevada jury. He fumed at the storm surrounding the memoir, “If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer,” which sparked a huge uproar in 2006, prompting publisher Regan Books to ax the project before publication. I was just paid not to dispute it,” Simpson told The Post source.

“I looked into their eyes and I knew they would convict me.” Last week, the NFL Hall-of-Famer and onetime actor held up his shackles during a video phone call from the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas. During the first two months of his incarceration, inmate No.

Simpson first met Whitley in high school, when she was dating his best friend, A. Although Cowlings was initially upset when Whitley and Simpson began dating, the three eventually reconciled.

Simpson and Whitley married in 1967, when he was 19 and she was 18.

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