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Hong Kong (AFP) - A Hong Kong court has convicted two people of illegally possessing ivory chopsticks after radiocarbon dating proved the items were produced after 1990 and therefore unlawful, the government said Wednesday.

Domestic trade in ivory imported legally into Hong Kong before that year is not against the law if the seller has a government licence.

The older beta counting instrument was stretched to get results of 50,000 years, whereas the AMS instrument should be effective up to 95,000 years.In 2002, archaeologists were notified of its existence, and the wreck was excavated in 2003.Radiocarbon dating done in the United States yielded a date of AD 1020 to 1270, corroborating the C-14 date of AD 920 to 1160 derived by an Indian laboratory.A court Tuesday imposed fines -- of HK,000 (US0) and HK,000 -- on the operator of the store and its proprietor."It's the first time the Hong Kong government has ever used radiocarbon analysis to determine the age of ivory -- that's a total game-changer in the market," Wild Aid wildlife campaigner Alex Hofford told AFP.While environmental groups welcomed the use of forensic evidence, they condemned the light penalty.It is confusing when the maximum date for Carbon 14 is listed as 60,000 years and 80,000 years in the same article (Chapter 4 Dating Methods by Roger Patterson and the reference article summary 4.2 by Riddle.) and as 50,000 years in another (The Answers Book) as well as 95,000 years in the Creation College lecture by Dr. This is why there is the disparity in the quoted limits to radiocarbon dating, as highlighted by this inquirer. This is due to the fact that the AMS instrument has to be calibrated, and yet the organic materials used for calibration (that are supposed to be so old they shouldn't have any detectable radiocarbon left in them) all contain so much radiocarbon that it means samples of unknown age can't yield dates above this radiocarbon barrier.Deck beams dovetailed into the vessel's chine strake help hold the side of the ship.Furthermore, channels and cleats throughout the hull are for transverse lashing, as seen in the presence of rope remains in them as well as in their alignment.But the pair were convicted and fined after the dating process established the ivory was obtained after 1990.Government officials had bought the chopsticks from a crafts shop during an operation last August in the city's Sheung Wan district, which is dotted with curio and antique vendors.

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