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the fashion back then was to exaggerate the edges and details so that the model would pop at arm's length, but not necessarily in a realistic manner.

Yet it refuses to die down and keeps coming up in many ways even today like in the case of this report of the Hindu Council of UK or even like this comment below from a responder to a Nirmukta article on Vedanta: “What if you are wrong about the social oppression part in ancient India prior to shankara… and then will it just become social evolution as common to a society like the Greeks who had institutionalized slavery or the arabs of the same time…

to suggest that the psychologic impact of involvement in an abusive relationship is less for male adolescents than for female adolescents and, therefore, that victimization by an intimate partner may be a weaker marker for other risk behaviors in males vs females.

Many of the below terms are mine, and many were originally created by others.

This is akin to replacing one species of denialism with another.

But we will let that pass for now and focus on the denial of the apologist about the conjecture that there was caste-based social oppression in ancient India prior to Adi Sankara.

Even the ones created elsewhere I use in a very specific context, as defined below, and the definitions of these words may not be exactly the same as those originally intended.

Whenever I use these terms, I am referring to the definitions below, not any definitions you may have heard elsewhere.

It implies a hard edge, and simulates how the light catches those hard edges in real life. However, what makes the whole paintjob look more natural is that the artist took the time to blend the highlights all the way up to that stage. Thus, the model has more depth, and looks much more "3D" than Dan Harden's work. I did this Sisters of Battle Immolator for a client about a decade ago. However, I've layered a few stages of intermediate highlights in there as well, so that it builds up to that edge.

However, simply skipping right to the edging is like putting icing on an unbaked cake mix. This isn't necessarily how I'd paint the model now (I'm currently working on improving my colour modulation technique)...

found that males and females continued to report similar rates of victimization after excluding acts of violence performed in self-defense.

Although the rate of victimization by an intimate partner is similar in males and females, females are more likely to report being injured by an intimate partner.

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