Updating kitchen counters


Marble is one of the most expensive options in kitchen countertops.

All surfaces should be structurally sound before attempting to refinish.

To avoid brush marks in your surface, use a spray paint and sealer (remove countertops first, or thoroughly protect non-sprayed surfaces with plastic and painter’s tape) or a dense sponge roller to apply primer and paint.

Afterward, be sure to seal your paint with three to four coats of polyurethane to protect the finish.

Old, damaged countertops do nothing but detract from the value and beauty of your home.

Good news: There are many ways to get inexpensive countertops that still look good.

Take on too much, and the work can mushroom out of control, busting your budget and your patience.

While we can't choose your recipes, we can help focus your renovation on the elements that give the most bang for your buck: the countertop and backsplash.

Marble countertops add unmatched beauty to a kitchen.

Although marble does stain and scratch more easily than granite, its smooth, cool surface is ideal for baking and rolling out dough.

And here are some more examples of what a little paint can do to breathe new life into your counters!

1 / 2 source source Okay, granted this option is not for the DIY beginner, but concrete countertops are affordable, durable, customizable, and can be”DIY’ed”!

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