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He studied Philosophy at Queens University and is now has the role of executive producer at Real Social Dynamics - basically head of content and training development. Aside from managing Real Social Dynamics and running bootcamps, he still finds time for his hobbies: going to the gym and surfing.

Owen Cook was born in Ontario Canada in 1979 and goes by the pseudonyms "Tyler Durden", "TD", or "Tyler".

In the past, my cutting diets were a grind – just counting the days as they go by instead of living in the moment.

Heck with AFL, most of the time my meals had other people surprised, due to the ample food I consumed on my plates.

In addition to constantly honing our skills at dating and pickup, we painstakingly fine- tune our teaching methods and processes so that we are able to transfer ELITE level skills to our students in the fastest way possible. When others were putting up field reports, we were creating “Bootcamps”.To sum it up, the best part about AFL is how flexible the workout program and diets are.Having others perceive you as one who lets loose and one who isn’t obsessive is a game changer – especially when you’re rocking single digit BF%.This is naturally seductive as it relates to females, which is a great side benefit.;) Besides figure and body compensation, the most significant change in my life has to be balance.If you’ve ever watched Tyler walk into a club and within minutes swoop a perfect 10 right off her feet (literally, he picks her up and she’s LOVING it), then you know what I mean.Or when you read about Jeffy’s Mind-Boggling field reports about “beastmode-ing” the most impossible pulls, you know what I mean.I was doing Greek God Strength and Density Program throughout the fall and winter preceding AFL 2.0.I was lean when I started GG, but towards the end I started getting impatient, thus overeating leading to fat gain.If you are interested in any of these instructors in particular it is a great product to learn more about them.Some information is a little outdated, and overall the product is overpriced.

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