Terms and Conditions & Legalese Domination Sexline promotes BRITISH adult telephony premium services which are for adult entertainment purposes only.No meetings or interaction outside the services are implied or suggested, services are for role play fantasy scenarios only.Description Dominant mature male, loves mature submissive women. Only ACTIVE posters approved for friendship status.Note: If you have been deleted from my friend list, you have not posted a video in several months or if you are a woman, you have not chatted, commented or Emailed me in a couple of months.

Get prepared for some sensual jerkin, the fruity true submissive sluts are primed to get you rampant.

You may receive a maximum of two texts per sent message @£1.50 = 2 x £1.50 = £3.00 To quit the service send STOP to 69500 or 69779.

To opt out of marketing send 'STOPALL' to 69500 or 69779.

Interests Intelligent, assertive, sexually submissive mature women that are eager to please.

Expect a mature woman to entertain and meet the sexual needs of her man without a lot of direction.

Voice calls and sms text messages are answered by operatives over the age of 18, all photographs and videos are of adult models 18 and not intended to depict real life scenarios. To optout of marketing send STOPALL to 89077Services operating on Texts are answered by intermediaries 07.00 - 00.00 hrs.

All received texts cost £1.50 plus your normal network charges. You must be the billpayer and 18 All received texts, sent and received photos cost @£1.50 each inc VAT @ 20% plus your standard network charges.

Been getting more and more curious about the BDSM lifestyle, have mostly been curious about femdom and serving a dominant woman.

However have met very few woman who are into this, and haven't found much online.

What are you waiting for, anything goes with these dirty genuine female subbies on the sexually depraved telephone chat lines!

The filthy submissive BDSM babe is awaiting for you on our phone sex line to make you spunk.

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