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The ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela — which prior to today held 96 seats — won only 46 contests.

At the Altamira Village Hotel, where the coalition set up its election night operational base, cheers and whistles filled the room where the candidates had assembled.

Rouhani is seen as relatively moderate in Iran, while Raisi was considered to be a more hard-line conservative candidate.

Raisi served as a judge before running for president.

Many saw the election as a referendum on whether Iranians supported the nuclear deal or wanted to return to a more isolationist agenda.

The opposition had been expected to win, with polls leading up to Sunday’s vote giving it a two-digit lead over the official party bloc.He campaigned on a platform of removing corruption from Iran and is seen as an anti-Western isolationist who doesn't want Iran seeking help from outside countries.Despite Campaign Promises, President Trump Sticks To Iran Deal Rouhani helped implement the Iran nuclear deal, which removed sanctions as long as the country proved it would stop trying to make or buy nuclear weapons.Claps erupted over the midsts of a chorus shouting, "We were able to do it!" Several people stood on chairs in the overflowing, overheated room to try, unsuccessfully, to catch a glimpse of the stage.Across town, unemployed people converge every dusk at a trash heap on a downtown Caracas sidewalk to pick through rotten fruit and vegetables tossed out by nearby shops.They are frequently joined by small business owners, college students and pensioners - people who consider themselves middle class even though their living standards have long ago been pulverized by triple-digit inflation, food shortages and a collapsing currency.Adult contains material of an adult nature relating to adult entertainment services.Before proceeding you must read, understand and agree to the following statements regarding Adult and the material within.Everyday life in Venezuela has become increasingly punishing during President Nicolas Maduro’s administration: basic goods like deodorant and eggs are hard to find amid widespread shortages, triple-digit inflation has made life prohibitively expensive, and spiraling violence has traumatized the general population.It was the first time since former president Hugo Chavez took office in 1999 that the opposition had been expected to trump chavismo, the socialist movement the deceased president founded.

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