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– CC, E-mail Question ANSWER: The Pompeian Bronze Works traces its history back to the Galvano Bronze Company, a New York City firm founded by Paul Mori around 1889.

Set for right hand wind, this three tier model has a serial number "2-319" on the tail plate, and markings "Fin-Nor #2 - Designed by Gar Wood Jr." The curved name plate is blank on this 3 1/2" diameter, 1" wide spool reel that weighs 10.2ozs. It is in used condition, spooled with a Cortland WF12F Rocket taper line and backing.

The young Sergeant was not expected to survive, and was told by the surgeon that he had only hours to live, and was awarded a battlefield promotion to Brigadier General.

Zip lunch kit (box plus thermos) in very fine or better condition.

Assay – try Aspersion – blessing by sprinkling of holy water Bawcock – unrefined term to show affection Benvenuto – Italian term meaning “Welcome” Bosom – yen of the heart Buss – a kiss Cinque Pace – a sort of dance Clap I’ The Clout – to hit the bull’s eye with an arrow Claw – to cajole Dearn – forlorn Dig-You-Good-Den- good evening to you Eanling – a young lamb Encave – to be put in a cave Eterne – eternal; everlasting Fairy – an enchantress Feere – a buddy; husband Fulsome – full of lust Germen – kernel Green – new, young Hent – grasp Hoodman-Blind – Blindman’s Bluff in Shakespeare’s time Inland – cultured, educated, well-mannered Inward – an intimate companion Jaunce – to flounce Jovial – joyful; to be like Jove Kicksy Wicksy – a not so flattering term for “wife” Kindle – to procreate; usually used for animals Labras – lips Lakin – little lady; reference to the Virgin Mary Light O’ Love – name of a love song in Shakespeare’s time Luxury – lust Mammets – a woman’s bosom; a doll Man Forbid – a man under a curse Marchpane – a sweet kind of biscuit Minion – darling or beloved Natural – a fool Neif - hand Nourish – nurse, nurture O – a circle Oeilliad – a lustful glance Ouphe – a fairy Passion – to possess feelings Peat – a term of love usually used for a child Penthouse Lid – eyelid Pomander – a ball of perfume Quaint – beautiful in a peculiar way Quicken – to awaken, coming to life Rapt – taken away; entranced Rapture – bliss Ravin – rapacious Rive –uncommon stir Se’nnights – seven nights Sequestration – separation Serviceable Vows – vows that you will serve her Soliciting – tempting Sorriest – full of sorrow Sprag – quick Succubus – a she-demon that raped a man in his sleep Swashing – debonair, handsome Tall – robust, gallant Tarre – to stimulate, spur on Tawdry-Lace – a pastoral necklace Tempest-Tost – lost at sea as a result of storms Too Too - excessively Topless – ultimate, without equal Trow – to have faith in, think Tucket-Sonance – trumpet flourish Union – a pearl Unready – not dressed Upspring Reel – an energetic dance Vade – fade Velure – velvet Voluble – indecisive Warn – to call upon Wax – to grow Wee – small, petite Whoop – to cry out with surprise Xanthippe – Socrate’s reproaching wife Yaw – uncontrollable Yellowness – jealousy Zany – a jester Shakespearean terms are colorful and meaningful.

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The five-digit zip code and the two-letter state abbreviations were introduced on July 1, 1963. The five cent Sam Houston stamp issued on January 10, 1964, was the first sheet (more correctly, pane) to feature Mr.In the late 1910s, the company diversified its product line by adding insulated cooking ware. In the 1920s, Aladdin introduced bottles and lunch kits. Another e Bay seller, obviously only half as optimistic as the first, has a second example in the same condition listed at a “Buy It Now” price of .95. Zip lunch kit in the same condition as the first two examples currently being sold at no reserve. Each features a three-dimensional cockatoo with a painted red beak sitting on the upper left corner of the book.In 1950, Aladdin manufactured the first character lunch box. With two days to go, the bidding has reached .49. The bottom is marked “Pompeian Bronze.” What can you tell me about my bookends?The first popular American fishing reel appeared in the U. 1160–1225) called "Angler on a Wintry Lake," showing a man sitting on a small sampan boat while casting out his fishing line.Fishing reels first appeared in England around 1650, a time of growing interest in fly fishing. A wide range of drag tension is easily managed with a large, knurled knob. I will accept a money order, bank check or personal check. And the carbon-fiber disc-drag systems dissipate heat evenly and are sealed to prevent dirt and debris from affecting performance. Please confirm availability of item(s) and shipping costs either by phone or email before sending payment. Easily converts from right-hand to left-hand retrieve. Some of the longer 1 piece rods may have an 'oversized' shipping charge. Large-arbor spools sport a wide design that increases backing capacity. And the two-tone silver and gloss-black finish presents the polished look of a reel costing hundreds of dollars more. If payment is made by personal check please allow 7-10 days for shipment otherwise shipment will be next day. However, I do accept payment through Pay Pal but prefer a check or money order because of the Pay Pal fees. My phone # is 215-956-0993 and my email address is [email protected] Shipping costs will depend on weight and the destination zip code.Although the lunch kit collecting craze has ended, I found a listing for over one hundred dollars on the internet. – G, Janesville, WI ANSWER: In the late 1950s, Howard Wilcox, a member of the staff of the Cunningham and Walsh advertising agency, developed a stick figure of a postman delivering a letter for a bank-by-mail advertising campaign.AT&T eventually acquired the rights to the character and donated them to the United States Post Office, now the United States Postal Service, to help promote the introduction of the five-digit zip code.

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