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The Localization update module helps you keep your interface translations for core and contributed modules up-to-date by grabbing them from the central Drupal translation repository ( or another ============= From (needs to be better incorporated) ============= Alternatively, locally stored translation files can be used as translation source too.

The last step of the project setup wizard lets you choose what pages on the Help & Manual project need to be translated. Translation Assistant will upload the project to your ICan Localize account. These include: At the end of that page, you’ll find a button to release to translators.

Below you can see an example with two projects using the GNU layout: At the top of the user interface, you will see your newly created administrator username.

Click on it and the main top menu will be displayed, then click on Admin (highlighted in red): Now you are in the administration interface. You can also provide a Full Name easily readable for humans.

Using hook_l10n_update_projects_alter modules can alter or specify the translation repositories on a per module basis.

The Steam user community consists of over 125 million people around the world who run Steam in one of 26 languages.

There can only be a single translation file per language in a project using this layout.

This is the simplest layout possible and the reason we are using it in our example.

Translation Assistant will download the completed project.

Click on Output Help & Manual to create the translated help project.

Once a project is released, you’ll start getting applications from qualified translators.

Choose the translators you prefer and deposit the payment for the work. When translation is complete, you will receive a notification from our system.

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