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In the case of a blank puzzle, or some type of op-art or perhaps lace, or grass, a different approach seems better.When the image is a boring uniformity, the solver must work with a more tedious method. Then individual pieces must be fitted into the four borders, the edge or frame of the puzzle one at a time.Sondhi encouraged parents to visit the camp, but Mahavir, who temporarily shifted from Balali in Haryana, 250 km away from Patiala, with family to help his daughters and ensure home-cooked food, added training sessions of his own.Mahavir Phogat initially made Geeta Phogat and Babita, tired after day long training, work out in the evening.

In a series of tweets, the 20-year-old also appealed to others to join the "Save DU" march at the Delhi University campus by students and teachers in huge numbers.

Mahavir Phogat explains in the book: “I was not convinced with the intensity of the training the girls were undergoing at the camp.

Hence, I decided to conduct extra training before their morning session at the camp.“I knew the girls were not happy with double training, but one has to burn the body in the furnace to achieve something.”Mahavir’s role in shaping the wrestling careers of his daughters and niece, unheard of in rural Haryana, was respected by Sondhi.

It's against our nation and martyrs,” said Babita Phogat in New Delhi.

Her elder sister Geeta Phogat echoed Babita’s views saying: "If you speak against nation, people will obviously not like it.

It left the girls exhausted at the camp and led to a confrontation between Sondhi and Mahavir.“Mahavir is an old-school thinker.

For him, the more intense the workout, the more strength you gain, and the level of strength ultimately decided how you did on the mat.

After the original pile of pieces has gone thru the tryouts, hopefully, additional pieces are positioned. Often a puzzle of a larger type appears unannounced and is recognized as such.

In other words the clues usually given in the picture have not been helpful. Problems then emerge in assessing the discovery and whether if is worth solving.

Others separate the blue sky pieces and put the other pieces aside until the sky part is finished.

When a few people are working together, they usually choose the section closest to them on the table to work on.

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