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He must initiate and enforce specific and effective policies to do this, before government prosecutors from Australia, Ireland, the Dominican Republic, the USA, Peru, Chile, Argentina, the Phillipines, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, or from dozens of other countries, do so for him.

Francis must promptly make the Church’s leaders accountable to the faithful, the Gospels and civil law, especially with respect to protecting defenseless children.

As James is about to find out, however, this decision comes with its own new, and entirely unique, set of problems.

Written, produced and directed by filmmaker Tim Alexander, this provocative work blends documentary footage with fictionalized vignettes to explore the complicated relationships between African-American men and women in the modern day.

The scripted narrative portion centers around James (Jimmy Jean-Louis) and his wife Tonya (Paula Lema), and James' struggle to deal with his wife's outbursts of anger and antagonistic behavior.

The documentary portion of the film follows Tim Alexander as he goes around getting feedback, opinions and commentary from real-life African-American men and women in various cities across the United States about the challenges they deal with in their marriages and dating relationships.

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If he fails now , he also will likely be compelled to resign like his predecessor, ex-Pope Benedict, ignominousily had to.

The Vatican’s “house of cards”, as Francis realistically described it, will then probably collapse.

UNITED STATES Christian Catholicism Does Pope Francis Understand What “Reform” Means ?

Jerry Slevin The optimistic hopes of many Catholics about the upcoming meetings next week of Pope Francis and his eight man Cardinals’ reform committee are beginning to fade.

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