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So in conclusion, Tim Duncan is good, San Antonio is playing well, Leonard is like the only Spur to ever have braids and it's 2012, and everybody is happy I guess. Nando de Colo- Nando's biggest adjustment since arriving from overseas has been learning that the detonation of fireworks and other small explosives is considered a flagrant type two foul in the NBA rulebook.

Pascal 2200- Pascal is a French-speaking robot the Spurs enlisted to make Nando de Colo feel more welcome and chaperone him around San Antonio. looked at instagram looked at twitter watched like 20 minutes of that's my boy on demand.

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Gregg Popovich spoke ad nauseam about improving the defense from last year to this, preaching through training camp about it being the key factor in accomplishing their goal of returning to the Finals.

Today, there has been a new twist of events in the ongoing debate over encryption.

News hit overnight that a California judge issued an order that would force Apple to program backdoors into their own products.

The complaint charges that Casey Lee Chinn, 23, allegedly met the girls online through a website called Omegle, which encourages users to "talk to strangers." According to the Anoka County Attorney's Office, Chinn contacted the girls online, picked them up in Andover Monday night and took them to his Burnsville home.

He told them to use the back door and go to the basement because he lived with his parents. Deputies were able to track Chinn's location through computer forensics and arrested him early Tuesday morning.

With Tony Parker struggling a bit and Manu Ginobili being virtually nonexistent as he continues to rebound from back spasms, Duncan's play has been unreal.

He's putting up better numbers in more minutes per game than he has in years, and physically he looks like the Timmy of five years ago. San Antonio still has a way to go to be the team they were at the end of last season, but you have to expect a resurgence from Parker (because he probably just has something in his eye right now) and hopefully a healthy Ginobili.

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