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the guardian ad litem shall, as much as possible, maintain confidentiality of information related to the case and is not subject to discovery pursuant to the Oklahoma Discovery Code. Expenses, costs, and attorney's fees for the guardian ad litem may be allocated among the parties as determined by the court. When property, separate maintenance, or custody is at issue, the court: 1. When the wife at the time of her marriage, was pregnant by another than her husband. present written reports to the parties and court prior to trial or at any other time as specified by the court on the child's best interests that include conclusions and recommendations and the facts upon which they are based, and e.The ceremony serves to solemnize the marriage and marks the couples’ mutual intent to be married.

Once the court has obtained the above noted information, he or she will look at the length of the marriage, the earnings of both parties including the value of a spouse who stays home to care for children from the marriage, and future earnings.Oklahoma is among a handful of states that still recognize non-ceremonial marriages, also referred to as “common-law marriages.” These marriages are formed through the consent of the parties who enter into the marriage, but they do not meet all the state requirements, such as a license or ceremony.The fact is it’s hard to prove the existence of a common-law marriage in Oklahoma.If both parties agree in writing to a settlement and submit that agreement to the court, the list is not required.The documentation must include, but is not limited to the previous income tax returns and supporting documentation, bank statements, and documentation of all debts, whether separate or marital.Oklahoma equitable distribution law means that in a divorce marital assets are divided in a way that is fair, even though it may not be equal.Unless you can reach a satisfactory agreement for a settlement or there is a valid prenuptial agreement, because Oklahoma is an equitable distribution state the judge will decide how marital assets will be divided.He or she will also consider and divide debts in basically the same manner.When a petition for an Oklahoma divorce is filed with the court, both the person who filed, called the petitioner, and the other spouse, called the respondent, must submit a list of marital assets and separate personal property to the court within 30 days of the date of the filing, or the date of the summons in the case of the respondent.Although you are allowed to get a divorce without legal representation, it may not be a good idea unless your case is very simple.Laws change often and it is not always clear which ones apply in a specific case.

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