Not updating to ios 6 because of maps updating viewty


Now that we all know Apple's new Maps app in i OS 6 is, shall we say, less than stellar, the next question is whether there are worthy alternatives.

Fortunately, there are—and we've got a complete rundown of the best ones, including Google's own, long-awaited replacement.

In another example, a recent search for Hotel Abri in downtown San Francisco places it a block and a half from where the hotel is actually located, as you can see in the photo.

Yelp is a great way to find out about local businesses, especially restaurants. Something important to know about it is that venue data can be added by any Yelp user, while Google(s GOOG), by comparison, requires verification by a business owner to confirm the location.

There is also a swathe of new features included with the default Messages app, including stickers, bigger emoji, fullscreen animations, and more.

Apple(s AAPL) CEO Tim Cook has already apologized for the problems associated with the company’s Maps app but missed is one of the flaws that impacts real-world usability: the integration with Yelp(s YELP).

Apple Maps, like Siri, uses Yelp to find some types of businesses.

Otherwise, you may opt to give each of them a try and test your device to see if the problem is fixed afterwards.

Performing a simple reboot (soft reset) can help you deal with minor firmware issues including erroneous apps on your phone.

Some of these apps specialize in getting around on foot, while others focus more on the driving experience, with voice-enabled, turn-by-turn navigation.

Almost all of them do both, but with varying emphasis on different tasks; we've tested almost all of them.

Problem and the like, are often due to some troubles with the network, App Store, device settings, or problems on the app itself.

Sometimes, the problem also occurs when you attempt to update multiple apps at one time.

Some of these are free, too, so download several and give 'em a whirl. The company's new, standalone Google Maps app is actually significantly better than the one Apple forcibly removed from i OS.

The new app features vector-based maps that are smoother and faster than before. 2.2.1 ()Magellan has been a steady, solid performer in our reviews of the company's standalone devices.

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