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It can be hard to find (and keep) a date for those who want loving relationships without physical intimacy.But not anymore: 2date4is the online dating site for you if you count yourself among the sexless.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. I met a lady back on Mardi Gras day (3/4) and we hit it off really well that evening.

Another friend delegated responsibility for her Tinder profile to an attached friend, only to find she kept going on dates with boys who looked like her mate’s boyfriend.

"It's about finding someone to share your sacred space with, to have someone in your life where it's you against the world." The Post-Divorce Dating Club: A New Site For Divorced Singles The online dating website could open up a whole new world of dating for cancer survivors, veterans and those dealing with STIs—and there is no explanation required for why you are sexless.

The first 1,000 singles to join get a free lifetime subscription (the site launched on Aug.

Societal pressures say we should consummate our relationships by the third date.

But what if you're uninterested in sex, want to wait until you are married (like the old Mandy), or are physically unable to do the deed?

Some people do it to reassure themselves that there really, really aren’t plenty more fish in the sea.

What to do if you end up chatting to someone who’s attached?

Scrolling around Charlie Williams’s new app, Cuddlr — proudly billed as the “Tinder for cuddling” — you get the sense that maybe Williams hasn’t spent a whole lot of time online.

The app, which promises to connect consenting adults for safe, fun, nonsexual snuggling, relies on the same geolocation technology as Tinder, Grindr and their ilk.

Houston native Angela Zatopek recently starred on NBC's "Ready for Love" -- a reality dating show -- where she "won" the guy and got a proposal.

But her stand for "no sex before marriage" seemed to attract the most attention.

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