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It seems as though we have our first hot topic of 2012 – the issue of whether to date people who are not members of the Church.

So many members have written in with their personal experiences that we have all the responses we need, so don’t send any more letters on the subject!

Last fall, my husband, Chris, was in the front yard on a sunny Saturday afternoon, fiddling with landscape lights, digging in the dirt, and keeping an eye on our 5-year-old son.

Our two older boys were running around the yard enjoying the pleasant weather.

If they wanted no part of church “stuff,” then she needed to move on. He dated a lot of different girls and then met Diane (not her real name).

I hope that the following survey results and commentary will help you better understand the needs of the singles, and with that knowledge, create more effective singles programs in your area.

The responses from the singles clearly indicate that they do all hope to be married someday, and very few have ever postponed marriage. In your personal experience, do you find this to be true within the Mormon culture?

Question: According to the National Survey of Family Growth, the median age for women to enter a first marriage (in the U. The numbers for Mormon culture are leaning more and more towards the national standard for first marriages.

We’re mistaken for an LDS family everywhere we go because of where we live: a town I affectionately refer to as “Mayberry.” It doesn’t matter where we are—Utah, or any other state or country—if we cross paths with a person who knows the town where we currently live, the assumption is that all parties involved are members. Specifically, how did we end up in our town, and what’s it really like for us?

When the time feels right, my husband or I reveal that we don’t happen to be members of the Church, followed by an enthusiastic and honest “ . Occasionally, our presence has caught people off guard and made them uncomfortable.

The survey was posted in various LDS-oriented Facebook Groups such as, “LDS Midsingles of the World,” plus on several wards’ email lists. The answers are a bit skewed due to the large number of singles that responded, but that only helps provide a greater insight into the challenges of the singles.

I asked the two questions above in order to dispel the myth that singles don’t want to get married, and/or that they are intentionally postponing marriage.

More people are putting it off until college is done.

With the new age requirements for missions I feel that the age number will decrease for women.

She said she grew up in an area where there were very few LDS boys to date (much like the area we lived in at the time).

Her father told her that he wanted her to be able to date, even if it meant nonmembers.

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