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In August, 2016, a Sweet Water Foundation team had the amazing good forture to participate in an eco/art exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art last Februrary.

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While there we were were given a tour by the creators of a rooftop garden(including aquaponics) at the Jesuit H. Belvedere College; and we also were blessed with Fr.

Mc Donagh’s presence at one of our presentations(with our director Emmanuel Pratt’s arm around him front and center).

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Please help me right the wrong with your additions to [email protected] But in ineffably resonant worlds Of sweet ones, where utopian visions Are pursued amidst gales of laughter. Sean Mc Donagh, are right up there with Grace Lee Boggs, Charlene Spretnak, Mary Jane Jacobs, Steven Ervin, Jeannie Gang, and my favorite ever Mother Son deep theory practice collaboration of Victoria and Emmanuel Pratt.

Here is a place to share images that inspired the vision of the Green World Bridge Walls. Olde First Big Snow Milwaukee the Mecca Of the Sweet Water Seas Back to top Merlin’s matrix brick alive and growing. I intend to introduce each of these thought leaders to my “cognitive community” of origin, i.e. The SEED Initiative has developed 8 community gardens/ outdoor classrooms/ popup agora markets in 8 different neighborhoods mostly considered to be food deserts in Milwaukee County.

Here is my opening list of Milwaukee green world designers, makers, and growers worthy of inclusion in the Bridge Wall “totems” in Green World Fairs, in our museums eager to partner with green world creation experiments. You wished it stranger You left the path on your own, You are lost if you believe in danger.

I am sorry to have omitted some people and projects most appropriately celebrated. Forty years later, Not in closets, nor even lush fields.

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