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He does not allow the world and people to control him because he is a leader in all things that he does.

Many women might get turned off about dating a Scorpio but if you have a full understanding about what they are really like and how to handle them you will have absolutely no problems.

If you have realized that man you are interested in is a Scorpio, then the first thing you need to do is to find out as much you can about the ins and outs of dating a Scorpio man.

No need to get turned off by what you might hear others say about Scorpio men.

You are so slow in reacting to your partner’s proposal that sometimes he may feel doubtful about your reply.

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Life without moral is nothing for you and being faithful to your partner also comes under this moral. Therefore you don’t like to interfere in others’ affairs yet you attract other people.

You have a strong attraction towards males especially the ones who are taller than you, well groomed and off course those smelling good.

Do not be surprised if he interviews friends, family, coworkers, and ex-boyfriends to find out about you.. This is tricky because they are always suspicious and you don't want them to think that you are hiding something.

If there is any other zodiac sign that might do a complete background check on you it's a Scorpio.

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