Is simon cowell dating britney spears

PHOTOS: The Evolution of Boy Bands Admitting that Louis and Harry might be the best suited to serve as judges on the show (“they’re the ones that probably talk more than the others”), Cowell added, “All five of them should just come on as a judge.” Following screams of approval from the audience, he continued, “That would work.” Asked whether a Lovato-One Direction collaboration was in the works, Cowell jumped in with an idea we can definitely get behind: "A Demi-Britney duet." This isn't the first time Cowell has proposed the concept, but the ladies are bound to oblige eventually, right?

that he'd have Britney back despite telling them he's 'pro change,' he told them: 'I don't know yet, to be honest with you.

Try not to laugh.’ And I kept it inside.” Cowell’s response? she looked at me in awe, and then she started to dribble uncontrollably.

I had to say something.” When the conversation, naturally, turned to One Direction (the Brit boyband was launched on the UK version of ; Lovato is said to be dating one of the members), Cowell first suggested that the boys make a guest appearance on the show.

On the re-vote show, which happened due to a graphics error that nullified the votes, Alex & Sierra sang "Give Me Love" by Ed Sheeran; Cowell afterward said that the performance was "immaculate...

ragged and raw." The performance earned them negative reviews; Kelly wanted them together more, Paulina called them "Bohemian" and "vintage", Demi felt that Sierra looked uncomfortable in her shoes and wanted the performance more organic, and their mentor Simon expressed disappointment over how the performance went by saying that they lost the melody in the beginning and "it wasn't as good as it should have been." Demi said that she didn't like the arrangement at first, but Alex & Sierra made her like it by the end.

The Toxic singer left after one season after her reported million salary didn't translate into higher ratings.

Reid, who is head of Sony's Epic Records label, also left the show to focus on his career as a music executive.

"I kind of booked someone who couldn't talk, which is a bit of a problem when you want someone to judge." Cowell further explained that Spears was also not comfortable giving negative critiques and was even less at ease with sassy contestants who talked back to her. Cowell also opened up about his impending fatherhood.

"Oh my God this is exciting," Simon said about getting the first call with the news.

"X Factor" boss Simon Cowell sat down with Ellen De Generes on her talk show on Tuesday (September 10) to talk about lots of things, including opening up about his impending fatherhood and why his experiment with Britney Spears on "Factor" was a bust.

You might recall the hype that surrounded the addition of Spears to the "Factor" panel last year.

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