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The benefits of this type of eye contact includes: Overall, there’s a lot more to being alpha than being muscular.How you look at someone and for how long, is a good way to indicate whether you’re a push over or not. It is your ultimate weapon to convey your power, instill fear, build trust, seduce and most importantly lead. One of the main causes for men not feeling top of their game is a lack of testosterone.It affects how you feel during any given interaction, and it affects how everyone else perceives you.

But he’s unable to maintain eye contact for more than two or three seconds.We talked mostly about the seduction from the female's perspective – submissive, secretive and playful – these are the traits that can easily bring men to their knees. How can we use our eye contact to make a woman's heart skip a beat?If women are expected to show teasing and submissive characteristics, men usually expected to make the first move, to take action.The ability to maintain prolonged eye contact shows that you are socially comfortable. You cannot hide when somebody looks into your eyes.It has often been said that eyes are the window to the soul. Your eyes will spend most of the time looking at your shoes.Prolonged eye contact is a powerful feature of body language.It particularly powerful in flirtation and the building of intimacy. But no aspect of body language is more remarkable than the eyes.When he entered the room and moved to approach you, you undoubtedly felt his masculine presence and a strong sense of confidence.However, as soon as you met him face to face and began speaking with him, your perception of him quickly changed.But this is learned the hard way – you must practice creating and maintaining eye contact every day.Take this step by step and challenge yourself in this area of your life if you feel it's lacking, believe me, it's totally worth it.

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