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He's selling a lot of antennas, but with that, comes the warning: the new antenna still may not work.

The only alternative, then, is to hook up to cable or satellite television for digital reception at or more each month.

The maintenance would receive a wage to be discussed. [email protected] Camp worker couple or single is needed for sort or long term at Atlanta South RV Park in Mc Donough GA (Near Atlanta, GA).

We have several job opening for Summer 2017 for an energetic, hardworking and friendly worker to exchange 15 hours total of work a week for free RV site Full hookup Salary for extra hours, We are 20 miles south of Atlanta Downtown & Airport with 155 sites.

Duties will include repair and ground maintenance, flowerbeds,dispensing propane,housekeeping bath house,laundry room,office,cabin,etc...

If you are interested or have any questions please feel fee to call Richard or Vijay at (770) 957 2610 (9 am to 7 Pm E. T.) or email at [email protected] to contract 10 Couples/ Teams to manned Oilfield Gates 24/7 days. Requirements: RV, Partner, Fit for Duty, Guard License-(we can help). Maria Lopez at 713-400-5649 or email: [email protected] Mountain Resort is located on the Olympic Peninsula, by Lake Crescent / ONP .

We are seeking active work campers (singles, couples or teams) for full time, 40 hours per week.

Although the US-based magazine reasoned that the cougar-craze was a fad destined for cultural oblivion, the article offered up an intriguing explanation for the newfound popularity of older woman/younger man relationships.

There would be other duties that would be assigned as they come up.

brother/sister) Wife/sister would work the front counter assisting our residents or new arrivals.

So, let’s open up a few more closet doors, move beyond your local Starbucks, explore some options to create a treasure map for where LGBT people hang out and where you can go looking for connections. Harvard did a lecture series for 2012 that involved a collaboration between leading researchers and world class chefs. Libraries do them; nonprofits do them; museums do them; aquariums, historic sites, audubon groups and activists of all sorts do them. It could be a fundraiser to fight cancer like the Maine Tri for a Cure that many lesbians love to support or how about LGBT civil rights events.

Yeah, you’ll meet straight folks but lots of them know LGBT people these days. The University of Maryland and San Diego State University both host as annual LGBT lecture series and there are so many other colleges that do this. One of my favorites is Art Erotica that is put on by the Octopus Club in Austin, Texas to raise money to provide emergency financial assistance to those living with HIV and AIDS in Central Texas.

If you’re not connected to the Internet, go to the library and use their machines. But the whole dating site scene is getting old, right?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times “There’s no one to date where I am! If you’re connected (meaning you’ve got Internet access), are you searching for and checking out all the dating sites? More from Your Tango: Dating Advice From Your Tango Let’s just get dating sites out of the way first. Many focus on our LGBT needs, desires and fetishes including transgender folk, bears, butches, femmes, tops, bottoms and everyone else in-between.

Even if, says a local electronics dealer, the homeowner buys a new antenna built to receive a digital signal, there's no guarantee the digital signal will reach that antenna in rural Franklin County as the longer-reaching analog signal once did.

"It's a huge deal, especially the further north you go in Franklin County," said Homer Ambrose at Radio Shack in Farmington.

The other part of the team would mow grass, weed wack and assist in taking care of pool and any other duties assigned.

The counter person would receive lot rent and storage space if needed.

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