Direct real chating with hot girls


Most of the Instagram game advice that exists today is outdated and tells you to comment on her pictures, follow her, or send her a picture or meme as the first message (because back then you had to).

The only problem is that not every woman will be receptive to your approach, or some obstacle will come up that will derail your attempt. Now granted, that doesn’t sound especially complicated. It works especially well when the girl is already attracted, true.These days it seems everyone wants to know how to get girls on Instagram.Follow these four updated steps and you will be well on your way to learning how to meet girls on Instagram and making it a never-ending source of phone numbers, dates, and bangs.But sometimes when we read game gurus, or watch their You Tube videos, it is easy to feel we have to live up to some artificial, external standard.At base, game is incredibly simple: Opportunity escalation → Sex For all the millions of words that have been written on the subject, this simple equation is what it comes down to.In life, it is often easy to overcomplicate things.After all, complicated can sometimes feel like it should be better than simple. I was 50 years old and I hadn’t been to bed with a woman for four years. Incredible, these new insights into social dynamics and female psychology.Texting gives you the flexibility to send a message any time and to proofread your words before you send them.Even better, you can say what you mean without being distracted or intimidated by a girl’s good looks.Went direct on a couple of girls, who were shocked. I met her thru other people I’d met and it was a group situation. I said, and I quote “Listen, I didn’t want any of that shit. I’ll be here if you need me” She’s like “yea ok… that’s cool” And that was that. But I’m gonna get real fucking direct on her when she does. I’m going to start sending dirty ass texts to every girl in my phone, wheeeeee. She’s single, and she likes me, and that’s all there is to it. I think what I’m going to get from all my Alan/Dave exposure is that you just that “mode one” is different for everyone, but it just means going for what you want. So it was fairly normal, but then I shifted into mode one saying she was fine and asking how many BF’s she had ETC. When I left I got her info and was like “We gonna hang out. You can say no, but I’m definitely going to hit on you” She’d just gotten to London and had a BF, but they hadn’t said what was hapnning so it’s all in the air. Met some other nice/normal folk who may attend one of my gigs in future. This girl I’d picked up on oxford street who was keen – went on 2 dates and she literally dissapeared. I just wanted to fuck you” She was like “you just wanted to fuck me? Another girl: started texting her “I think we’ve built up enough sexual tension- when are we hooking up? You don’t actually have to be direct as long as you’re saying/going for what you want. Calling a girl till you get her on the phone to ask her out, that’s mode one. So you don’t have to say filthy shit… as long as you’re like “listen, I like you – I want to get to know you – when are we hanging out? That being said, I want to try and be really fucking direct and see what happens. Click here to get instantly notified when Sasha publishes a new article or video!

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