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The three-speed model, M4C, was introduced in 1933. The 12-speed began production in 1957 and was model 11. Early machines have decals that are in depressions specifically made for the labels.

This innovation was added in 1950 with model 10, along with fins on the body.

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That said: Pam warns that she once got a nasty shock from a vintage pink mixer; you know our standard warning: Consult with a properly licensed professional when it comes to assessing old wiring so that you can make informed decisions.From the late-20's through the early '40s, manufacturers such as Federal Glass, Mac Beth-Evans, and Hocking Glass brought a little cheer into some very dreary days by manufacturing the product we now know as Depression glass.This mass-produced molded glassware was of relatively poor quality, often exhibiting air bubbles, heavy mold marks and other flaws in the glass, yet it came in beautiful colors and patterns to suit every taste.Look at the section of the mixer where the beaters are inserted. Mixers made after 1948 have decals that lay flat on the smooth surface of the machine.The model number should be engraved above the beater holes if the appliance was manufactured after 1970. Look for a lever on the base to adjust the bowl platter according to the size of the mixing bowl.I love that these old mixers have model names as if they are weapons in a James Bond movie.Like: “You can run but you cannot hide, Mamie Eisenhower’s Million Dollar Fudge, now that I’m packing a new GE M-47.” Christa C.’s aqua GE hand mixer may be the same style as Wendy’s collection — what a good looking piece of machinery.Much confusion has arisen on e Bay about when particular Radiant Control toasters were manufactured.Since information on this product line is sparse, some confusion is to be expected.Like any household appliance, a mixer may or may not get it's fair share of use depending on the owner.This affects both its appearance and its performance.

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