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Also has a very nice flashchat program that is free now to with built a video module add in the to work very well together.

osdate has built in bridges already so users of the dating site are automatically linked to the chat rooms and a forum.

Installing and using made much easier and anyone can make their own website with more features.

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We have designed this template for os Date based matrimonial website and successfully used script and theme for a matrimonial website.

You can use this template/theme with osdate for a .

Any case studies, success stories will be appreciated. I have to create a Dating Site with these features: - Men register their Profiles with all characteristics (Age, Eyes' Color, Hair's Color..) - Women register on Site but they don't have to insert any information about them - Women can insert an announcement that is visible only by men that correspond to the searched filters.

Osdate is a free software for building online dating and community websites but with some modifications can be used for other different applications.

I Have successfully intergrated the two systems, joomla and osdate. If you are still interested, I can supply you the system as a whole. I have recently bought the Able Dating Script from ABK Soft ( unfortunately ) and I had to shut down the site because it was already hacked twice and spam was being send from our site.

I run Joomla as my main site and have just started working with Os Date and I think the two of them would work well together if I could get them to share data. The servers I have found myself up till now offer reasonable prices for basic services, but when I want the video chat and audio chat module included, the prices raise rapidly.· Are the video chat and audio chat modules included in the latest version of Osdate ( 2.5.4 if I am correct )· Who has experience with Osdate and can tell me if the security of the software is OK in reference to virusses and hackers.

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