Dating magnavox speakers


For instance my Provincial Cherry Concert Grand was introduced to the public in October 1959 (The two brochures that introduced this model are available on this site). If you look at the date codes on the components in my console they range from mid 1959 to early 1960.My console was obviously delivered to it's first owner sometime in 1960.

Magnavox speakers were predominantly used for public address systems, famously first used publicly in 1919 to amplify President Woodrow Wilson's speech in San Diego.JensenĀ® ceased production of their loudspeakers in the late 1960s.In the late 1990s, under a licensing agreement, SICA Altoparlanti, an Italian speaker manufacturer, commenced production of the legendary JensenĀ® speakers.For instance, the 1958 models came out in late summer of 1957, which means they were manufactured earlier than that.I'd like to propose we arrive as a group on the proper method for dating our Magnavox consoles.Here's a quick and easy guide to help you understand the rim numbers which reveal a speaker's manufacturer and its production date. The speaker reads C10N C7438 5 on the right: which describes the model and its construction.But what about the 6-digit code 220438 to the left?The first picture below is of an identical model Magnavox.It's a picture from Google and it's a tad nicer than the one I'm going to look at.Seller wants 5 but I may try to talk her down lower. Haven't researched them nearly as much as Magnavox, but just the style alone looks nice.This is an actual picture from the ad, and you can see it's in really nice shape. So, my question is, which would be the better console?

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