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Few places can recreate a setting for the period of the American Revolution as well as Williamsburg, where the original 18th-century buildings are either still standing or have been faithfully reproduced on their original foundations.Here, you can stand where Patrick Henry gave his stirring speech, walk the same streets as Thomas Jefferson, and savor crab cakes where George Washington enjoyed seafood dinners.The state's natural wonders include Luray Caverns, Natural Bridge, the barrier islands of Chincoteague and Assateague, and Shenandoah National Park.The mountains are prime destinations for hiking and other outdoor sports, and the long golden beaches are popular summer destinations.

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As the city is bordered by multiple bodies of water, Norfolk has many miles of riverfront and bayfront property, including beaches on the Chesapeake Bay.

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Born Irene Amos on April 9, 1917, in Baltimore, she was the sixth of nine children raised by conservative Seventh-day Adventist parents.

It invested drivers with the powers of "special policemen," able to judge the race of patrons, change seating, eject uncooperative passengers, and make arrests when necessary.

Failure to comply with a driver was a misdemeanor subject to a fine of between five and twenty-five dollars. "I refused to move," she told an interviewer years later.

Williamsburg was the capital of Virginia from 1705 and throughout the Revolution, and the final battle of the war was fought nearby, so it was a hotbed of the independence movement, along with being one of the most prosperous and politically active colonial capitals.

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to change their seats and occupy the two vacant spaces on the rear seat." When Morgan refused, and even attempted to prevent the other woman from complying, the bus driver drove to the jail in Saluda.

Greyhound company policy reserved "full control and discretion as to the seating of passengers and the right to change such seating at any time." Virginia law, meanwhile, required buses to segregate their passengers on the basis of race.

She married Sherwood Morgan, had two children, and during (1939–1945) worked in a factory that manufactured B-26 Marauder bombers. On July 16, after visiting her mother, Ethel Amos, in Hayes Store, Gloucester County, Morgan boarded a Greyhound bus en route to Baltimore, where she planned to reunite with her husband and consult a doctor.

Near Saluda, in , about twenty-six miles northwest of Hayes Store, two white passengers boarded the already crowded bus, and the driver asked Morgan and an African American woman with an infant to give up their seats.

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