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Doris is appalled when she discovers that Ida is dating again and loudly protests that she's being disrespectful to her late husband, while Lucille is more than a bit jealous that Ida snagged a good man before she could. Presented cabaret-style, patrons are welcome to bring whatever they like to eat or drink with them.

Doris and Lucille are determined to squash the budding romance between Sam and Ida. For more information, visit our website: Connecticut Cabaret Theatre is located at 31 Webster Square Road, just off Route 9 (exit 22: Mill Street) and the Berlin Turnpike. They also can enjoy a dessert bar that has a variety of treats to purchase.

In 1968 the band set about recording their first record with Eddie Hoh on drums, who only played on a few songs before quitting with his record company advance, session drummers Sam Goldstein & Popeye Phillips played on few tracks before Jon Corneal took over the drum stool to complete the recordings.

However with the sessions over and with the band gigging locally, Jon Corneal soon left the band swapping the drum seat with another ex Byrd Michael Clarke from the Dillard & Clark Expedition.

Once you have your basics sorted, you’ll need to meet your partner.Perhaps it could even be the ideal destination to spark the beginnings of a hundred new relationships.With the wonders of Travel Dating, more people are finding love on the streets of Berlin, travelling and meeting a stranger to embark upon a life-altering adventure filled with fun, adventure and the dawn of a new life.Thus the conflict begins, and the years of friendship and sisterly love are put to the test. To purchase tickets, please call the box office at 860-829-1248. Directed by Kris Mc Murray, The Cemetery Club is a story filled with lighthearted banter, laughs, and moments where you won't be able to hold back the tears. Berlin can be a wonderful destination and starting point for your Travel Date, a great place to meet up with your new partner and experience more of the world, but just how would you go about setting such a trip up?To begin with, you will need to find yourself a reputable site.For Russia, the episode besmirches the fine name of the Red Army that had fought so hard and suffered so much in its four-year campaign against the Wehrmacht.The courage and resilience of the ordinary Russian in what they called the Great Patriotic War is incontestable, and for every five German soldiers killed in action in the whole of World War II, four died on the Eastern Front.This can be as simple as setting a meeting point and going, but there are a few things you should probably keep in mind.International travel can be quite daunting by itself, and meeting new people is no less of a simple task, but combining the two things can be too much for some people, but, with proper planning, it does not need to be.

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