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Honolulu is world famous for destination weddings and honeymoons. Our Island community is unique; our dating scene is no different.Oahu singles take a casual approach to dating compared to our Mainland counterparts.Then you told me you were moving here, so I told them all about you.Basically, you already have a bunch of my friends ready to compete for your love.” That was my first clue had somehow stumbled into a tropical version of The Bachelorette. According to Trulia, a real estate statistics company, there are 1.27 single men for every single woman in Honolulu.So, don’t think just because you’re dating someone in paradise that life will be smooth sailing. Living in paradise isn’t cheap, so there’s a good chance they’re working two jobs or extra hours to make it happen.And if you’re living here now, too, then so will you. But whatever it is, it makes Honolulu a pretty spectacular place to fall in love.The last internet date I was supposed to go on in New York City never actually happened.

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He got divorced seven years ago, after being married for six.We’re laidback, culturally diverse and tight-knit; go out often enough and you’re bound to run into someone you graduated from high school with or your cousin dated.Not only is the dating scene more intimate than, say, New York or Los Angeles, it's friendlier, too.Some divorcees don’t want to walk down the aisle again, yet they don’t want to be alone. It’s not uncommon for Joseph Flores* to work 12-hour days, six days a week.The 45-year-old is a corporate attorney and has been practicing law for 19 years. Meaning, his partner would have to be OK with his hectic days, that he’ll probably bring his work home, and maybe miss a dinner or two.So keep your camera handy to snap an iconic photo of the two of you to plaster all over a holiday card to send back home to your family in the Midwest. Honolulu can often feel like you’ve made it to heaven… When you’re living in on an island, there’s less space to go around, and it takes a million years and dollars to ship anything to Honolulu, so you don’t have access to the wide assortment of crap that you’re used to having. Luckily, if you’re dating a local, you’ll have an expert by your side to help you swat away the B52s, tell you what to do if a volcano decides to stop taking its medication, and help you fight off the bouts of Island Fever. The people here have things called jobs just like everyone else.Date ideas are plentiful here, and with a little creativity, you can start building your story together with that someone special, from your very first date.• Upscale Downtown - At thirtyninehotel, the outdoor bar is a perfect spot to share great conversation, tapas, and cocktails.It seemed like I knew a million amazing single women, but the single men I knew were few and far between.Recently, I found myself with an opportunity to move to Honolulu. With the polar vortex looming in front of me, I packed my sundresses in a backpack, and found a reasonable flight out of Newark.

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