Cursoradapter not updating base tables

For information, please contact: Visual Fox Pro has excellent facilities for database application development utilising a client-server database management system to store data as a replacement for the native Fox Pro table files.

The advantages of this approach are too numerous to mention here and there are various Fox Pro features available to the developer requiring access to client-server data: These features have been available since version 3.0 of Visual Fox Pro and are now supplemented with the Cursor Adapter class (first available with Fox Pro 8.0) that allows an object-oriented software object that accesses client-server data in a flexible manner.

Cursor Adapter definitions can be created and stored in a Visual Class Library and can be added into a Data Environment for a Form in a similar manner to local tables or views defined in a database container.

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Text View; public class Cursoradapter extends Cursor Adapter package com.example.dbdemo; import

To integer array – An array of layout IDs that correspond to the controls in the row layout.

The value of the column specified in the // which columns map to which layout controls string[] from Columns = new string[] ; int[] to Control IDs = new int[] ; // use a Simple Cursor Adapter list View. Simple List Item1, cursor, from Columns, to Control IDs);.

Cursor adapters provide a high-performance way to scroll through long lists of data that are stored in SQLite.

The consuming code must define an SQL query in a object and then describe how to create and populate the views for each row.

Some notable features include: This document complements the redware Visual Fox Pro Client-Server Handbook which describes in detail the techniques and optimisations to access client-server databases using all the available features of Visual Fox Pro through to version 7.0.

The use of the If you are not familiar with making connections to client-server databases and the use of table buffering with Visual Fox Pro you will need further study or purchase of the redware Fox Pro SQL Server Handbook (available from

The objective of this tutorial is to get data from SQLite database by extending the Simple Cursor Adapter and then attach that to the Listview.

In this example we create a database of countries and then insert some countries when the activity starts.

Adapter = new Simple Cursor Adapter (this, Android. The main limitation is that it can only bind column values to display controls, it does not allow you to change other aspects of the row layout (for example, showing/hiding controls or changing properties).

In this tutorial I will display inserted record and update and delete row.

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