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Looking for a short cut to fame, Glass concocted sources, quotes and even entire stories, but his deception did not go unnoticed forever, and eventually, his world came crumbling down...In the DVD commentary, the real Charles Lane talks about confronting Stephen Glass in front of a restaurant in which Glass claims to have had dinner with people he featured in a dubious article.

(45) Battlefield 1 (3769) Obeid dragged in to 'Rum Corps' ..Coverage of the Condit scandal has been eclipsed by tragedy and anthrax fears, but judging from the diaries and confidences of three attractive young women, Capitol Hill never loses its sex drive.For a worm’s-eye look at the nexus of lust and power, the author went inside the interns’ world, where 25-year-olds move billions and make policy, flirtation and networking are indistinguishable, cards and kisses get exchanged in after-hours bars, and idealism has a short shelf life. on the first Thursday of the fall congressional term, and Diana Davis, staff assistant to Representative Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), is networking in the dark depths of Politiki, a Capitol Hill bar.See more » When Stephen tells Michael he'll probably just kill it, implying his not going to finish writing the article, Michael should've told him he has to because as a staff writer, it's his job, Stephen doesn't have a choice.See more » Blitzkrieg Bop Written by Joey Ramone (as Jeffrey Hyman), Johnny Ramone (as John Cummings), Dee Dee Ramone (as Douglas Colvin) and Tommy Ramone (as Thomas Erdelyi) Performed by Ramones (as Ramones) Published by WB Music Corp. (ASCAP) Courtesy of Sire Records By Arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing See more » A young D. journalist (new "Star Wars" trilogy star Hayden Christensen) for The New Republic political magazine falsifies data and produces fraudulent stories.At first glance, Becky Chambers’ debut, The Long Way To A Small, Angry Planet, felt like sci-fi you’ve read or watched before—a crew of misfit aliens on a ship, setting aside their differences to work together on a mission.But in Chambers’ galaxy, the mission is the least important part of the story.Things that we all take for granted – forwarding emails; quoting; making and sharing memes; cloud storage – are often illegal in Australia. Right now the government is considering whether to introduce fair use. Meanwhile, Net Neutrality is under fire again in the USA.The US Federal Communications Commission has voted to overturn rules that force ISPs to treat all data traffic as equal.Scaly, feathered Aandrisks, who treat physical contact the way we treat friendly chit-chat.Aeluons, who communicate with each other by changing color, and periodically switch genders.

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