C progress bar not updating

Here on Windows 7, it has a nice animated gradient, as seen on the screenshot.

The above example illustrates how simple it is to use a Progress Bar, but normally you would of course want to show the progress of some actual work and not just a static value.

I have a Progress Bar Window which has a progressbar and a cancel button on it which I use to report progress on file I/O.

However, the UI Thread of the Progress Bar Window and my main window both hang despite all the work being done in a backgroundworker.

Also does not have support for text inside the bar. You can set the attribute after map but only to start or stop the animation. The control display is not updated, must set VALUE attribute to update.

the identifier of the created element, or NULL if an error occurs. In Windows it will work only if using Visual Styles. ORIENTATION (creation only): can be "VERTICAL" or "HORIZONTAL". Horizontal goes from left to right, and vertical from bottom to top.

WPF comes with a handy control for displaying progress, called the Progress Bar.

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I would suggest searching for Background Worker examples; as a cowboy alternative, Application.

the fundamental problem here is doing real work on the UI thread. Fortunately, Background Worker is intended precisely for this purpose, and includes events to update progress % (hint: you can't directly update the UI from a worker thread - Background Worker helps you do this easily).

Step = 1; For loop until the rec count everything work's fine until has focus, if i open some other application and form loses focus means progress bar is not showing progress(not updated) I have tried form.refresh(0 in activate method, it is also not working Is there any work around available for this problem Thank You, Regards, Mani I'm quite surrprised you see anything at all...

BGCOLOR [Windows Classic and Motif only]: controls the background color. DASHED (creation only in Windows) [Windows and GTK only]: Changes the style of the progress bar for a dashed pattern. FGCOLOR [Windows Classic and Motif only]: Controls the bar color. RASTERSIZE: The initial size is defined as "200x30".

Set to NULL to allow the use of smaller values in the layout computation.

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Run Worker Completed = Event Count Log Lines Run Worker Completed; i Count Log Records. Read))); I've tried wrapping the value setter line in a dispatcher.invoke delegate but that gives me a stack overflow(I shouldn't have to have a dispatcher.invoke line anyway as backgroundworker calls Progress Changed in the UI Thread, right? I have checked msdn and googled but I can't seem to find anyone else with this problem.

Worker Reports Progress = true; i Count Log Records. EDIT Apologies, I did not realise my simplified code blocked the UI Thread, I get exactly the same behaviour despite using a backgroundworker so I erroneously assumed they were equivalent.

Click = Event Count Log Lines Progress Bar Cancel Button Clicked; i Count Log Lines Progress Bar.

Show(); i Count Log Records = new Background Worker(); i Count Log Records.

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