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Edit: on a side note alot of the girls already made are capable of being lesbians, however some are not, i will probly have a look through all the characters at some point in time and put a romance counter for all the types of relationships are able to be had from the entire roster, and im not entirly sure how the lock off works for hetero only characters as i think i have turned a few lesbian chars straight that shouldnt be able to be straight.

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(Reasons why i changed it is more so because it made unrealistic graphical situations when she ran or did anything quickly, if you dont mind it the link is right next to the new one in the specific character link section)Huzza! anyways- Added Ariel Bonia - Exchange Student hoping for the best in japan (as i cant change shit for voices or any of that stuff she miraculously already knows japanese, fluently, so will just have to say she was just too overly excited to go live there and learned for a entire year or something like that)Little bit of a heads up towards download links, i use Yandex, so it has slow download speeds for non registered users (Registry is free) but these files are so small the download speed cut wont really matter, but if it does take too long for you, feel free to register, it takes off the speed cut off entirly.(Note: So Mega really pissed me off, and im looking for another site for a alt download link, for the time being i put it on filedropper, shitty i know, but im not dealing with how fucked up Mega can be)NEW (Will figure out how imma do ALT links for this one later on, only for the time being sorry, when you click the char links it will take u the character folder, which will have each version section in its own folder(Where applicable) it will also contain the characters Bio which is for immersion or people intrested in personal RP, there will be 2 variations for each versions type, 1 tanned and 1 normal, enjoy, variations them selves may have a few alternates in with it too, please choose 1 only or it may break your immersion since there can be up to 2 of the same character in your class on random pick)To install the characters you move the PNG (which contains the char data too) and place it under your AAEdit Folders Data/Save/Female (Or if you have a install that has all of the things in the same folder, then just your gamefolder/data/save/female)then just drop them into your school when and if you want them to be a part of your class.

wife told me i should pay attention to brazilian women traits cause apparently im not a good husband for not showing the AA2 community her countries pride and joy, so here we are, made a German Brazilian Athletesk character, HURRAY FOR BUBBLE BUTTS... Most of these characters are conservative, Forcing will be harder to accomplish and will be based around the situation, and how the girl(maybe guy depending if i feel like working on male characters too) are feeling, Granted that also depends if your using cheats or not, but on vanilla settings even trying to get them to put out, will take some time, only the Sexually experienced (minor and fully experienced) characters will be able to put out off the bat, and they will try, so if your intrested in another girl, you will need to deter them either helping them get with another one of the guys in your class, or one of the girls or just straight out saying no, there may be some conservative traited experienced girls later, but will see how those work out, the best advice i can give without spoiling the experience for those that want the mystery is keep being good to the ones you like, till they start talking about sex, like for instance if they tell you to not do anything sexual publicly even though you havent done anything sexual, pretty big hint, but even after that dont rush, most of them even if they arnt really romantic will reject if you push, took a while to get this working completly right, even with handicaps you will still have a challenge, but it wont be that big a challenge, so better to stay with vanilla settings for the full experience.

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