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Elder holds an international master’s in business administration and a master’s in history, both from the University of Ottawa. Rashid, and Laurent Elder Pan Asia Networking, IDRC, Canada Despite improvements in educational indicators, such as enrolment, significant challenges remain with regard to the delivery of quality education in developing countries, particularly in rural and remote regions.

Pan Asia Networking, IDRC Canada Laurent Elder leads IDRC’s Pan Asia Networking (PAN) program, which studies the positive and negative impacts of the information society on Asian countries in order to help communities make the best use of information and communication technologies.

From 1999 to 2004, Elder was in Senegal at IDRC’s office for West and Central Africa, where he worked with the Acacia initiative, PAN’s sister program in Africa.

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In the attempt to find viable solutions to these challenges, much hope has been placed in new information and communication technologies (ICTs), mobile phones being one example.

This article reviews the evidence of the role of mobile phone-facilitated m Learning in contributing to improved educational outcomes in the developing countries of Asia by exploring the results of six m Learning pilot projects that took place in the Philippines, Mongolia, Thailand, India, and Bangladesh.

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