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Williams told Hacker News he spent nearly an hour with "Farah," trying to explain the problem. In an effort to see whether Amazon chat support is really that bad, Business Insider engaged an Amazon worker in a chat this morning under the pretext of seeking a job at Amazon. can you please just let me know if this is a problem you can help resolve? For your protection, do not respond to it, and do not open any attachments or click any links it contains okay?

At no point did "Farah" show any understanding of what Williams wanted: She variously suggested deleting his email account, resetting his password, and offering to delete his account for him. It turns out that some Amazon chat support workers are based in India, and they are responding to customers by cutting and pasting pre-written scripts. my actual account is ctwilli [email protected] other account was created using ct.willi [email protected] it is some sort of phishing attempt but I don't want this account associate with my email.hello? Im just here.before we proceed let me check your account for security purposes okay? my real account is ctwilli [email protected] ct.willi [email protected] i had to password reset in order to get this account. Il reset your password.check the link on it.you can have your new password okay?


farah:okay..i will refer you to our account specialist do this account you want to be deleted okay..

If you've ever had a frustrating experience with an Amazon chat support worker you'll sympathize with Chris Williams. YOU SUGGEST I DELETE MY EMAIL (HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HELP?

He was worried that someone named "Brittni" was "phishing" his email address — that is, trying to reverse engineer his identity from his email for the purposes of fraud. I got mis information in here.let me handle this for you..

Keep in mind that all credit line increases are subject to underwriting approval. The Open Sky Visa is pretty much your average secured card, in many respects.

It has a annual fee, a 0 minimum deposit and a 18.14% APR.

Here's a sample: Me: i need you to delete this "ct.willi [email protected]" account because it is not mine.please don't change my password. I asked a customer support chatter for a job at Zappos, too, and "Margret" told us, "We are all about the sunshine here in Vegas! You can go on our site at the bottom of the page and apply for a job through Jobvite." Although "Margret" began her chat with a piece of script, she obviously veered off into unscripted, plain-spoken English, fairly quickly. Here's Williams' Amazon transcript: You are now connected to farah from Me: Hello. This is still associate with my email address and is not my account. Me: Account holder is Chris Williams farah:your first and last name plese Me: First = Chris Last = Williams farah:okay let me check this out for you okay? ctwilli [email protected] is your account am I correct on this?

But there’s an important difference: The Open Sky Card doesn’t require a credit check. Im going to make this as simple and fast as possible, because i dont really write reviews about anything, but in this case i will because opensky has been good to me and because opensky raised my credit 100 dollars more without me depositing or doing nothing.

That makes it an excellent fallback option for people with severely damaged credit standing. I kept making the payment on time, and my limit was increased twice, hence my credit score keeps increasing. Heres the story : I started with no credit, i applied at 3 different websites because i thought i was going to get approved, but i knew nothing about credit cards, so when i got denied i kept applying another one 2 weeks after, and got denied again, then applied again in a week then got denied again.

I would never apply for, nor expect to be hired at a Hindi-speaking company that dealt with technical issues. Should you have as many problems as I did, (see my review of the HP MINI 1151NR on CNET under NETBOOKS for THAT travesty),or if you simply wish to discuss your issues with HP Corporate HDQ in Palo Alto, CA, beware a I say. Its an unsettling combination of words you know, sentences you will be offended by, arrogance, cynicism, rudeness, lack of attention to detail, failure to follow up and a weird/nasty sense of humor about terminal illness (if you have one, as I do). Technician could not find my laptop amongst all the other Pavillions (...). I have gone back to manual at the moment and told my clients they can from nowonwards expect snail mail in their mailbox.

I asked a SENIOR STAFF MEMBER IF SHE READ ANY OF THESE POSTINGS AND SHE REPLIED, "NEVER. Problem was that apparently my laptop got another casenumber than the one I got from ms Neeva Sheeva. Wonder how long it would take my biz to go belly up. I winced as I read every line of your terrible ordeal...until late in your text when I realized you have a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF "CASE NUMBER" HELL to experience.

WE COULD CARE LESS AND DON'T HAVE THE TIME FOR A BUNCH OF CRYBABIES". To reach this layer of horror, you need to call the corporate office in Palo Alto.

I received a FORM letter thanking me for taking the time to contact the CEO. I'd like to send out a group e-mail to all HP stock owners urging them to read this forum. They change the name from Customer Assistance to Customer Follow Up every week or so to confuse you..tell them you wish to file a phone complaint about the phone service you received. S/He will..ready...assign you a new and separate case number from all the others.

And I certainly preferred a simple language barrier to the slap-in-the-face response I received in clear English but not a language I understand or wish to learn. S/He will tell you that if you need to call Tech Support again, NOT to mention this case number because it is the number used by HP Mgmt to track problem calls and inefficient staff.

You aren't kidding when you say that the HP techs are clueless. Told techinician that the problem was a dead screen. Therefore, S/He will ask your assistance in keeping this number secret. The Tech Support staff CAN SEE THE NEWLY ASSIGNED CASE NUMBER ON THEIR SCREENS if they know where to look..most do.

You can pay your monthly bill electronically, by check or money order.

There are more options for funding your security deposit, however: debit card, check, money order or wire transfer. Yes, the Open Sky Visa can be used everywhere Visa credit cards are accepted, including car rental agencies.

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